Trying to figure out who to pick, that’s been a tough part of this blog challenge. I’ve talked about a few people, how much I love Heather and how much I adore Jenson. I feel bad about trying to put an “order” of who to talk about and when. However, with this one, I definitely knew the trio of sanity keepers I wanted to talk about.

Nat, Greene, and Tspoon… some names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. LORD HAVE MERCY these three put up with so much from me. I’m 100% certain that I won’t be able to honestly put into words how grateful I am for them. They each bring something to my world that no one ever has, and no one else ever could.

friends are the spice of life
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Nat is like the little sister I always wanted but never got. She has a heart the size of the Titanic, gives some of the best hugs ever, and she loves like it’s the air she breathes. Nat opened her heart to me and she has done nothing less than making me a part of her world. I’m grateful for that. I have learned over the years that those who make me a part of their close circle understand the value of friendship and family. With Nat, I don’t feel like I have to explain myself, she just gets me. She not only is there for support, but leans on me when she needs support too. Having both is super important to me.

This woman, while she’s younger than me, has been through some rough moments in her life that I can definitely understand. Nat has a spirit that glows brighter than the north star, and she genuinely cares about those within her circle to a point that you feel it more than she ever has to say it. Anyone who has ever been graced with her presence needs to understand just what kind of a gem she is. If they don’t, they may not deserve to be there.

music makes the world go round
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T of Spoon

There is so much to say about T. He’s my buddy, my music junkie friend, we share nerdy stuff, geeky stuff, tech stuff, and the list goes on. I appreciate him for the ability to be able to talk to him without expectations, nonsense, or idiocy, but at the same time he has made me laugh until I’ve cried. With Tspoon I just feel that I can be me without apologies, and we will talk real talk for hours, and then listen to music together until we lose track of time. Not to mention, when we listen to music, we can discuss our appreciation for the music. It might be the melody, the percussion, the vocals, or even just the lyrics. We can get down to the nitty-gritty of the music we’re listening to and at the same time, enjoy every bar played.

With Tspoon, we can change topics in an instant, and never miss a beat. When I need to talk real talk, he listens, gives his level headed views, and helps me through it. Talking about gaming, he can talk the logistics, tactics, strategy, and really help me learn a new game, or on the other side of things, help me improve a game I’ve played for a while. He always has a joke or quip he just throws out there that either will teach you something, or make you laugh your ass off. He makes me feel welcome in any group we’re in, and I don’t know that I could ever tell him just how important his friendship is to me.


the lone wolf
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Greene is probably one of the most amazing lone wolfs I’ve ever encountered. This man’s brain is more amazing than I can ever describe. I sorta think I’m smart, but he’s a genius in my opinion. Hell, he’s said or used words that I’ve had to look up, and I thought I had a decent vocabulary. Greene has this knack for being able to be blunt, yet sweet, at the same time. He knows when I need to hear things, but he has a way of telling me what I need to hear in the right way to make it sink in.

Greene deserves a medal of sainthood as well. This man has gamed with me, and has probably gotten a few gray hairs from doing so, but he continues to do, bless his heart. We’ve binge watched shows, laughed until I’ve cried, and had real talk about a million different things. There are days that just sitting in a voice chat with him is a huge comfort. I genuinely just enjoy his presence, his opinion, and what he has to say on basically anything. Greene is one of those people that has so many layers, and only those who are lucky enough will ever see more than a couple. I truly feel blessed that he’s let me past the first few layers, and I can’t ever tell him just how much I value him in my life.


This week, the challenge is to pick three people and let them know that they are important to you. Let them know that you are grateful for their presence in your world. If we don’t tell them, or at the very least show them, they will never know. That is on us to tell these people.

As always, we would love to hear from you. If there is something you’d like to tell us, share with us, or even ask; please feel free to comment below or you can contact us. Own your journey, and we will catch you on the flip side.

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