I’ve struggled with this one tremendously. I can give you lists of things I like about the amazing individuals I’ve talked about. Even things I enjoy, I can give you lists of what I like about those things. However, with gratitude, it means also being grateful for yourself. In this, I guess I’m greatly lacking.

That Tspoon guy? When discussing my struggle over this post with him, he said, “Just think of all the things we say are amazing about you, and write about those things.” I grumbled, stomped my feet and stuck my tongue out at him, mostly because I just don’t see it. I don’t see what they all see in me. When I think of myself, I’m just a simple country girl with a twisted sense of humor and I want to make those around me happy.

So, how do I try to pick things I like about myself when I see myself as pretty average and plain? I’ve learned not to say that to my close little group because they will flip their tops at me. What they don’t realize is that I will work so hard to build them up, bring them up to the levels that I see in them, all while struggling to see those same things in myself. I think that is something that we all struggle with, and thus, that makes me ‘normal’… I shuddered at that word, I don’t likes it!

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So, the trick is then trying to see myself through their eyes, and figure out what I agree with… ya know, just like Tspoon said to do. Don’t tell him I said he was right again, it only feeds his ideologies.

The ‘Friend-ume,’ Friend Resume

Well, this was something Tspoon came up with, the “Friend Resume.” What qualifications would you put on your resume for friendship? That was a great thought, but still hard to really narrow a few things down. However, it does make great sense. When we think about ourselves, we have a tendency to be our own worst critics.

So how do we write our “Friend Resume” and believe in it? Well, I’m still kinda struggling with that one. I can’t lie to you and say I have figured out the answers. I started by looking at my friends, what I liked in them, and then I started looking at what they say they like in me.

Still not sure I have the equation figured out, but I’m sure as hell going to try to work my way through this.

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So, this one I struggle with, but on the other hand, I know I’m smart. Is there a difference between intelligence and wisdom? Is the line that minute, or can that line be used like a jump rope?

Now, with those questions, I’m not sure I can attest to knowing any of the answers. One dear friend told me that I “have a mind filled with a vast intelligence hidden like a hunter stalking its prey.” Well… that’s not only some serious imagery, but it made me think about things a bit.

She’s not the only one who has told me that I have a <insert adjective here> intelligence. So, it then becomes a question of how do I see it? I think she’s right. I have read, studied, and researched a myriad of things my whole life. Some for education, some for trivia, and some just because. I try to use my wisdom and intelligence to help others, improve myself, and just all around be a good person.

Some days I succeed, other days I have to keep trying.

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Passion for the Arts and Music

This one I can honestly say is probably the biggest one that I agree with. Music is food for my soul. “When words fail, music speaks,” is a quote I’ve heard for years, and it rings true. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a time in my life when there wasn’t a song that didn’t fit that moment in time for me.

Art is another one of those things that can be attached to emotions for me as well. I think that being able to express yourself with color, however you can, not only helps you put those things out in the world, but also helps others try to understand you.

Art and music are also great ways to help our minds and creativity build and grow. There’s science behind that, and it really is an amazing thing. Music and art are like food for the soul.

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Staunch Supporter of Friends & Family

This one, totally easy to admit to. I love my people with all my heart. I wear my heart on my sleeve more thank I care to admit some days, but the people who are in my inner circle get all of me. If they need a hug, I got it. If they need a brownie, got that too. Angry at the world? We’ll vent it.


I hear this word and I think of the song “I feel pretty, and witty, and wise!” My darling friend Ida says I am witty with a sharp devilish tongue. I feel that wit is the sign of a healthy mind, a bit of a sassy one, but a healthy one. I think that wit plays a big part in humor, sarcasm, and just some days, handling life

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So, I won’t lie, this was a hard one to write, and it took the combined efforts of several friends to push me into getting this done, but we made it work.


This week, the challenge is to look at yourself and find 5 things you like about yourself. Be grateful for those aspects of yourself, even if you don’t always see it.

As always, we would love to hear from you. If there is something you’d like to tell us, share with us, or even ask; please feel free to comment below or you can contact us. Own your journey, and we will catch you on the flip side.

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