There are so many people who inspire me in my life. Some I know personally, some I don’t, but in both instances they inspire my life. So how do I pick just one? I’ve talked about some amazing individuals, some who inspire me more than they will ever realize.

Then there are new people that come into your life and blow you away. That recently happened, and I think it quite fits this particular subject. Miss Ida. Oh heavens is she a gem. She came quietly into my world through another friend, and she has made her way into my heart. Ida has a style all her own, and it’s amazing to behold.

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Larger than the sum of our parts…

Ida is so much more than the sum of her parts. I’m going to struggle trying to explain her in a nutshell, but I’m going to give it a try. Ida has been through a million different things through her life, running the full gamut from good to bad. I know that I’ve said before that it isn’t what we’ve been through that defines us, and in this case that’s ten fold more.

With Ida, she is like a cornucopia of color in a sepia toned world. Upon her arrival, you feel a warmth, caring, and joy that you really didn’t know you were missing. Then you miss it when it’s gone. She brings a grace with her that is unlike that of anyone I’ve ever seen. Ida has this uncanny ability to tell you wonderfully positive things in a way that you not only hear and understand her words… you feel them.

Just the other day, I sent her a message, just to check in on her and let her know I cared. It was just a simple “thinking of you” kind of message. This amazing woman replies with this:

Remember, you are incredibly strong and a woman who never denies the parts of herself who’s head is always held high with determination and pride. Even on days when you fall, you fall into the arms of friends, family, and loved ones.

No matter what she’s going through, she always seems to have just the right word combination for the people in her life that she holds dear.

She is woman, hear her roar

She loves fiercely, and protects those around her with an armor of compassion, and a whole lot of dynamite. With Ida, you will never question whether or not she cares, because if she does, you will know. She will bring you into her world, and that is a view that is outstanding. To see the world through Ida’s eyes is a treat that I hope to experience more of. Her thoughts, ideas, imagination, just… everything about her is awe inspiring and colorful.

Even when she’s having one of those moments where she doesn’t feel so colorful.

I don’t know that she will ever truly realize the colorful spectrum she brings to those around her who adore and love her. My only hope is that one day she will. She inspires me to be more open, loving, caring, compassionate, and positive. The world through her eyes inspires me to look for the not often found joys in the world that we skip over because of their rarity. I hope that this rare gem of the world known as Ida will be a long term part of my life, for I am better for knowing her.


This week, the challenge is to pick someone who inspires you, and if you can, find a way to tell them. Regardless if you can or can’t… try to find a way to inspire someone else. You never know where it might lead.

As always, we would love to hear from you. If there is something you’d like to tell us, share with us, or even ask; please feel free to comment below or you can contact us. Own your journey, and we will catch you on the flip side.

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