Welcome to the new home of the Break Our Silence team. Our purpose here is to help people through the tragedy of child loss. This website is ever growing, changing, and morphing into a center for resources and more. With that, Angel Parents, family, friends, and even professionals can find something here. We hope that as you wander through the halls that you find something you need, want, or something to make you smile.

There are many things that are always going to be ‘under construction’. As things change we’ll happily post updates. There will of course always be areas that are stable and ever present.

If you’re here to just check out the books, resources, or maybe to just drop us a line, we’re happy you’ve stopped by. The loss of a child, regardless of the age, is a traumatic experience for the parents, the family, the friends…everyone. Here you can hopefully find something that assures you that you’re not alone.

quote for child loss
I loved you like there was no tomorrow, and then there wasn’t. – Unknown

You are not alone

The Break Our Silence team is comprised of people of all walks of life, but all effected by child loss. There are some of us who know the pain first hand from losing a child of our own. However the loss of a child ripples through friends and family. There are many involved here that have been a driving force; and some of the greatest support from the start. Many involved with the Break Our Silence team have come in at different points and bring a view point only they can give.

Regardless of the background of the team member, know that we are all here to help in a myriad of ways. If we don’t have immediate answers we will go to great lengths to find answers and help to the best of our ability.