52 WoG #16: Simple Things in Life

Simplicity is something that varies for everyone. There are those that think something like tiny home living is simplicity, whereas […]

person preparing soil in peat pot for transplanting flower

52 WoG #15: Things you like about spring

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year, the world waking up after its long winter’s nap and the […]

white paper with be yourself everyone else is already taken print

52 WoG #14: A talent you have

Well, this one makes me feel like I’m on the fence of having an ego, yet still being honest. I […]

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52 WoG #13: A challenge you’ve overcome

This whole 52 weeks of gratitude series might end up breaking my brain. I won’t lie. I have really struggled […]

52 WoG #12: Favorite personality trait

Here we go with the introspection again. Have I mentioned that I’m horrible at this? So these introspection topics are […]

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52 WoG #11: Someone who inspires you

There are so many people who inspire me in my life. Some I know personally, some I don’t, but in […]

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52 WoG #10: 5 Things You Like About You

I’ve struggled with this one tremendously. I can give you lists of things I like about the amazing individuals I’ve […]

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52 WoG #9: How did you do? How do you feel so far?

Well, we’ve made it two months into this journey. There’s ten more months to get through, but so far, I […]

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52 Wog #8: Express Gratitude to 3 people

Trying to figure out who to pick, that’s been a tough part of this blog challenge. I’ve talked about a […]

52 WoG #7: A Friend

How do you pick just one friend to be grateful for? I really struggled with this topic because I have […]