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52 WoG #9: How did you do? How do you feel so far?

Well, we’ve made it two months into this journey. There’s ten more months to get through, but so far, I […]

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52 Wog #8: Express Gratitude to 3 people

Trying to figure out who to pick, that’s been a tough part of this blog challenge. I’ve talked about a […]

52 WoG #7: A Friend

How do you pick just one friend to be grateful for? I really struggled with this topic because I have […]

52 WoG #6: City you live in

I live in a small country town in Northwest Ohio. Some of the advantages of living in a small town […]

52 WoG #5: Something Someone Gave You

When I saw the topic for this week, I instantly knew what I was going to talk about. This particular […]

52 WoG #4: A Family Member

This ‘year of gratitude’ challenge has definitely challenged me already. Not so much in showing the gratitude, but more so […]

52 WoG: #3 Your family

Family. Such a convoluted definition for so many of us in today’s society. Some of us define family as our […]

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52 WoG: #2 Special person in your life

So, the original topic for this week was “significant other.” And well, given my current personal life, I decided to […]

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52 Weeks of Gratitude: Why start this challenge?

I came across this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge, and I thought this would be something worthwhile to do. So […]

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Acceptance and Grief

Acceptance… it is such an easy concept and thing to understand. However, when it comes to grief it is an […]