There are millions of books in the world, lengths varied across the board. However, when I went to look to see if something made sense to me, all I could find at the time were books with a heavy focus on psychology or religion. Now, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with those, and if that is what you want, great. I just wanted something that felt more personal. I wanted to hear from other angel parents, and at that time I couldn’t find any. After much encouragement from a dear friend, I began the process of writing “Shattered Soul: An Angel Parent’s Journey” and eventually brought it to fruition. Since that time, there are several different books out there that have helped others, and as they become recommended, we will post them here.

If you would like to recommend a book to this list, please contact us and we’ll be certain to get the information up as quickly as possible.

Shattered Soul: An Angel Parent’s Journey – Kristina Widener

Shattered Soul cover

It isn’t natural to bury your child, but life doesn’t always follow the natural way. Shattered Soul: An Angel Parent’s Journey is a story of every parent’s worst nightmares, the death of a child. Kristina Widener shares her journey of grief after losing her youngest child to SIDS, her emotions, memories, and how she has coped with it all.

“Welcome to my journey.This has been a road of pain, grief, discovery, loss, healing, joy, love, and so many other things that are hard to put a name on. This is my story, my version of the thoughts and feelings that I have experienced since losing my youngest child. That is a hard statement to say, to write, to read, but it is the cold fact of the matter. I will take you through the roller-coaster ride I have lived, and am still living. I will tell you what I can remember, what I felt, and how I feel now at the time of writing this.”

Join Kristina, if only for a brief moment, on her journey. Shattered Soul: An Angel Parent’s Journey will take you down an unforgettable path. When you lose a child, you’re still a a parent, an Angel Parent, and here is the story of one Angel Parent determined to break the silence of her grief.

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