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Until your kitten’s four months old, they shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time during the day. Get them used to being alone by leaving them for five minutes each hour and gradually extending it. With some breeds, it may be beneficial to consider adopting two kittens for companionship. Your kitten may be timid initially but will soon want to explore further. If your home is kitten-proofed, allow them to do this while watching them. Or keep them safe in their own room, with windows and plenty of social contact, for the first few weeks.



For a few hours a day during the acclimation period, have your first cat hang out in the second cat’s room. This gives your new cat a chance to explore the rest of the house and your first cat a chance to acclimate to the smell of your new cat. Once both cats realize that nothing scary happens when the scent of the other cat is around, it can trigger a real turning point in the acclimation process. This is assuming everyone has the same health status (no respiratory infections, no parasites, similar FeLeuk/FIV statuses). If one cat is sick, keep them separated and get them treated per a veterinarian’s recommendations.



Most importantly, PetHub gets lost pets home faster than any other organization. Though it might be a little too high for a brand new kitten, it’s definitely worth bringing out once she’s big enough. If your cat is going to wear a collar, choose a collar that fits and add some identification, like a name tag with your phone number, in case your kitten gets outside. It is best to purchase cat-specific break-away collars which are designed to fall off if they get caught on something. This can prevent injuries, especially in active kittens, if they get a paw or tooth caught on the collar, or if they get caught on something while exploring.



Reprimands or other forms of punishment will only stress the cat further and will cause her to be more wary of you, potentially thwarting any chance of building a lasting, loving relationship. While that first encounter may have been on the awkward side, Luna's owner did provide an update saying that things had settled down since then. Eventually, the kitten cottons on to what Luna is doing and the two lock eyes, with Luna seemingly frozen in terror while her new friend has a more inquisitive air to their response.



Chat live with a licensed veterinarian, or schedule a video call to get expert advice for your pet’s health. When you adopt a cat, you will need to properly transition her to the cat food you plan to feed her regularly. Dr. Behrens recommends Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic dog and cat toothpaste for brushing teeth.



Another option is to exchange the cats’ bedding for a night. Bring the new cat in a carrier to meet your resident cats and sniff each other out through the carrier door. Gradually introduce them to one another several times a day for about an hour.



If there aren’t other pets around, you can leave the crate in a busy part of your home, like the living room, so they can begin to see and hear other areas of the home. Cats are naturally inclined to investigate their new surroundings. We in the veterinary field suggest that their area of exploration be limited initially so that these natural tendencies do not create an overwhelming task. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. After confining your new kitten to one area for the first few days, slowly allow your kitty to access other areas of the home. Use these guidelines to ensure that, with a little work, both of your feline friends feel comfortable, confident, and safe in your home. Before bringing a new cat home, ensure that you have the time and resources to handle this process with care and compassion.



Hiding is normal for cats in a new space but it is still important to monitor where the cat is and make sure they are safe. Our mission is to make a difference for animals and the people who love them. Sign up for our email newsletter for followers tips and special offers to help calm your pet and reduce stress response behaviors. Try using a toy feather wand your cat can chase and stalk like prey. Another great way to engage your kitten's hunting instinct is to take bits of kibble and toss them, one piece at a time, across the floor for her to hunt and chase. The staff is great, everyone's so personal and family-oriented and knows every dog or animal by name.



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